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​​​​​    Purr-sonal       Paws

 Pet Sitter

Care and comfort matters to Purr-sonal Paws Pet Sitter as much as it matters to you and your pets.  In the past,  I worked as an Veterinarian Technician for thirteen years.  Animals have always been in my life.  While you are away or are at work, I do not want you to have the slightest worry - though I am certain your treasured companions will stay in your thoughts.

As Owner/Operator of Purr-sonal Paws Pet Sitter, I will be performing all tasks.   I do work 7 days a week and I believe that consistency with  the care provided will aid for your pet(s) to feel nurtured and safe by continuing with the same routines. 


* Pets are much happier at home

* Peace of mind knowing your pet(s) are   

   safe  at home

Healthy Pets! No exposure to other  

   animals' illness or disease

* Comfort! Maintain regular eating,  

    sleeping and excercise


  • Daily Visit
  • Dog Walks
  • Pet Transportation

  • Horses/Live Stock
  • Home Security
  • Pet Waste Disposal

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